Why You Need Thanaka Powder For Skin Whitening?

Why You Need Thanaka Powder For Skin Whitening?

Thanaka is a traditional whitening secret for fair, radiant, and youthful skin. This effective powder is gotten from the Thanaka tree found in Myanmar, and it is used by women in the country for face and skin whitening and protection against sunburn. Popularly regarded as thanaka powder for skin whitening. The Thanaka powder has been in existence for over 2000 years, and it is considered not only a whitening powder but also a treatment to achieve glowing and beautiful skin. The powder is used for nobility and purity face paintings that represent classical cultural associations during traditional ceremonies.

The Thanaka powder contains whitening, anti-inflammatory, and moisturizing contents that provide highly effective natural skincare. The Thanaka powder maintains skin fairness and protects it against acne and other skin diseases. It is a daily whitening treatment for bright and glowing skin.
Thanaka Powder Contains Natural Skin Whitening Properties

Thanaka powder is gotten from the bark of the Thanaka tree. The English name of the Tanaka plant is known as Limonia Acidissima. The tree has a very slow growth rate as it takes about three to ten years to grow the tree trunk to two inches in diameter. The bark of the Thanaka tree has a fragrant smell, and it is pest-resistant. This bark is well scraped from the tree and well-grounded to make effective whitening Thanaka powder. The powder contains no chemical or harmful additives, making it a natural and safe solution for skin whitening and moisturizing.

Thanaka Powder For Skin Whitening

The bark generated from the Thanaka tree has deep moisturizing, whitening, hydrating, cooling, and nourishing properties to maintain natural skin lightening. It works to protect the skin against pores, scars, and other blemishes to give clean, soft, and radiant skin. The Thanaka Powder is a beauty and cosmetic agent for cleaning the face and maintaining the whole body. You can make a mask with the powder by mixing it with little water to form a fragrant paste. Apply the thick paste to your face and wash off after some time to achieve a pleasant blemish and spot-free face.

thanaka powder skin whitening

Medical studies revealed that the bark generated from the Thanaka tree is rich in properties that inhibit (tyrosinase), the enzyme that is responsible for skin pigmentation and melanin synthesis. The studies also show that the powdered bark has no toxicity and it is rich in radical skin protective agents. These are proven facts that show that the Thanaka powder possesses effective skin whitening properties. Thanaka powder for skin whitening is the ideal and safe way to achieve desirable glowing skin.

Thanaka Powder Protects Field Workers

The powdered Thanaka bark is recommended as a cosmetic for those whose job requires staying under direct sun exposure. When you apply the powder to the skin, it blocks harmful UV rays and other external pollutions from having negative effects on the skin.


The contents of the Thanaka powder protect the skin from sunburn and help those who for any reason stay under the sun to maintain healthy skin. Women who work in padded fields protect their skin by always wearing tick layers of Thanaka powder. The tick layer soothes and cools the skin to prevent blemishes and skin irritation from hot weather exposure. The powder is an effective cosmetic to protect your skin against the negative effects of the harsh sun.

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