Is Thanaka and Sandalwood Same? (Your Confusion Stops here)

Is Thanaka and Sandalwood Same? (Your Confusion Stops here)

Q: Is Thanaka and Sandalwood Same? 

Answer: No, Thanaka and Sandalwood are not the same though they may look similar. Thanaka is a paste made of tree bark that has been pounded into a creamy consistency while sandalwood powder is a pure powdered form of the tree bark.

The active ingredient in Thanaka is coumarin and marmesin which are a natural antibiotic and anti-inflammatory agents. While the active ingredient in sandalwood is alpha-santalol which has been been used as a remedy for a number of skin ailments like irritation, rashes, and itchiness as well as treating the common cold, urinary tract infections, digestive problems among others.

While Thanaka has been know to be used mainly by people of Myanmar especially for its anti-inflammatory properties the use of Sandalwood powder is not too common. On the other hand, sandalwood oil is much more widely used around the world for its benefits and is said to cure many health problems and it has originated mainly from India

Thanaka has also been known to be used by women in Myanmar mainly on their faces because of its lightning effects compared to Sandalwood powder which has no such effect. Thanaka when mixed with coconut oil can be used as a sunscreen that protects the skin from harmful UVA and UVB rays from the sun while sandalwood powder does not have this effect.

Thanaka has thickening properties which can be used as a cosmetic cream along with the sandalwood powder as a fragrance in some products. This is due to the fact that both the ingredients have similar properties. While both have moisturizing and anti-inflammatory qualities they are not directly interchangeable.

Thanaka is also used as a cosmetic ingredient for its antioxidant properties in modern cosmetics. It has also been proven to be better than sunscreen for protecting skin from harsh UV rays.

Both Thanaka and Sandalwood have an astringent agent that improves the complexion by drying out excess oil production from breakouts or oily skin, while the former has act as an antiseptic to treat acne and pimples.

Thanaka is traditional sun protection for people of Myanmar while sandalwood is not used to this extent as a skin lotion and as a fragrance by many people.

There are several other purposes of Thanaka than just being an anti-inflammatory agent due to its antiseptic properties.  While sandalwood oil has been known to have great uses in the Ayurvedic system of medicine from India for treating conditions like sore throat, heartburn, indigestion, and coughs among others.

If you still think Thanaka and Sandalwood have similarities then the only similarity that they both are not the same is that one is used as a cosmetic ingredient, while the other one has medicinal properties.

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