Benefits Of Thanaka powder and Kusumba Oil

Benefits Of Thanaka powder and Kusumba Oil

Thanaka powder and Kusumba oil are two different natural herbs that are essential for skin glowing and general body treatment. The two are safe and generated from mother nature, and they are have been tested to contain no toxicity. They have no adverse side effects or complications as they are free from chemicals and other harmful substances. Unlike the Kusumba oil, Thanaka Powder is not edible, and it is made for eternal use only.

What Is Thanaka Powder?

Thanaka Powder is the finely ground bark generated from the Thanaka tree. It is gotten by scraping the bark from the tree and then soaking it to make it ready for grounding. The well-grounded bark is what is used to make the effective whitening Thanaka powder and cream.

The Thanaka powder makes a gold color paste. It contains the natural nutrient, moisturizer, and adequate hydration to nourish the skin and help achieve clear, beautiful, blemish-free, and radiant skin. It is used as a beauty cosmetic to clean and maintain the face and the entire body.

What Is Kusumba Oil?

The Kusumba Oil is also known as Safflower oil in English. The oil is generated from the seeds of (Carthamus Tinctorius), a thistle-like plant that is now grown mainly for its essential oil. The seeds of the Kasumba tree are white, while the oil generated from the seed is flavorless and colorless but very effective and rich in healthy fat and protein. The Kusumba oil is healthy for the hair, hearth, blood vessels, muscles, skin, and immune system.

The oil provides natural prevention and remedies for diseases and health issues as it prevents blood clotting, stroke, heart disease and regulates cholesterol levels. The Kusumba oil reduces excessive weight, treats infections, and helps one live a comfortable and healthy life.

How To Apply Kusumba Oil And Thanaka Powder

The two highly effective natural herbs can be put to good use through many application processes. It is very easy to use the combo, whether independently or when mixed.

How To Apply The Mixture Of Thanaka Powder And Kusumba Oil

The Kusumba oil is often mixed with the Thanaka powder to achieve a more effective and fast result. The mixture is a combo that is used to treat different diseases and skin-threatening ailments. You can make a more effective formula by adding one level teaspoon of Thanaka oil to one-two teaspoons of Kusumba oil, then mix thoroughly to make a thick paste. The paste is highly effective for skin tone and lightning, fighting stubborn skin problems, removing dead skin, stop the growth of hair on unwanted parts of the body, and many other skin-related problems. The combo is very safe, and it has no adverse side effects.

thanaka powder and kusumba oil


Below are two different methods on how to apply the mixture of Thanaka powder and Kusumba oil for permanent air removal.

Without Removing The Hair/ Applying Over The Hair

The Kusumba oil and Thanaka powder should be mixed in adequate proportion to make a lotion or paste. If you are a woman trying to stop stubborn air growth on the chin, upper lips, or chest, it is advisable not to shave off the hair as this can leave you with unpleasant burns and scares. The best way is to apply the combo without removing the hair. The lotion should be applied over the unwanted hair while you gently massage the area for about 20 seconds. You should leave the application overnight and then wash it off in the morning with clean running water and soap.

After Shaving/ Removing The Hair

Another way to permanently get rid of unwanted hair is by applying the mixture of the Kusumba oil and Thanaka powder after removing the hair. This method is safer for men, and it is done by shaving off the hair from the unwanted areas and then applying the mixture of Thanaka powder and Kusumba oil during the night before bedtime. Make sure to allow the paste to dry on the area before going to bed to avoid staining and messing up the bed sheet. Gently wash it off in the morning with water and soap. It is also important to avoid using the combo during the day to prevent more damages due to hot weather.

How To Apply Thanaka Powder And Kusumba Oil Without Mixing

You can use The Thanaka powder and Kusumba oil without mixing. The Kusumba oil is used as an oral medication to cure different diseases and combat several health-threatening problems. Thanaka powder, on the other hand, can be mixed with aloe-vera oil or ordinary water to make a mask and apply to the required body area. It would help to bear in mind that when the Kusumba oil is mixed with Thanaka powder, the mixture can not be used as an oral medication as Thanaka powder is only recommended for external usage.

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